After BULL released, we received many suggestions from our beloved community to improve the BULL token.

We decided to act. As you may know, because of security concerns, once the contract is deployed there is no way to modify it. Due to this, we will deploy a secondary contract that will introduce a BULL v2 token. We are calling this token Golden BULL (GBULL).

What is the difference between Golden BULL & BULL?

  • Golden BULL contract will fix the audit issues that BULL token have

Buyback & burn

As you can see above, we have lowered the dev fee & deposit fee. Due to this change in structure, we will not buy back and burn any GBULL. The GBULL price will be decided by the market, not the development team.

When will Golden BULL be released?

Golden BULL released on June 5th, 2021.

How about BULL token — what will happen to it once GBULL launches?

The original BULL token will not disappear, and you can continue to farm it in the same way you do now.

BULL holders can stake BULL (40x), BULL-USDC (40x), BULL-MATIC (40x) with a 0% deposit fee to earn GBULL. It is very fair for both BULL investors and GBULL investors.

Long live BULL!




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